Jane Got A Gun (R) (2016)

5.0 Stars (5.0 / 10)

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The Review

Jane is a woman whose life is being turned upside down. After a devastating heartache, she finds the strength to move forward because of one person. When that one person finds himself in peril, all that she knows is at risk. She must turn to someone from her past to make sure she has a future. She’ll need more than brute force to stop that which is coming after all she holds dear. An opportunity presents itself and though it isn’t what she had intended, it just might be what she needs. As the story progresses, we are given a glimpse into her past, as the story regresses to fill in the gaps. In doing so it helps us understand what is happening but some of the necessary pieces are portrayed in a fashion that makes it difficult to pay attention. Ultimately, the future that awaits her may not be the future she had envisioned but it will also give her more than she could have imagined. This is a touching story of strength and perseverance. Against all odds, she refuses to give up. The story has flaws, some obvious, some not so much but it is a tale worthy of viewing. It’s not quite a chick flick and not quite an action story either. More of a cross between a tragic romance and an old western. Is that something you’d enjoy? Only you know the answer.

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