Joker (R) (6.75)

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    Throughout the Batman saga, we’ve seen Joker in different stages of mania. What we’ve never seen is why he is so manic. What pushed him over the edge and what keeps him going? That’s what this is, Joker’s back story. His life from childhood onward was complicated, to say the least. In his quest to escape his own life, he becomes a clown. Trying his hardest to bring light to others amongst the darkness all around him. When that part of his life falls apart (like everything else), it pushes him over the edge. He now must come to grips with who he is and his legacy. Only there’s a secret to his legacy that could explain everything… The deeper he delves into his own beginnings, the darker he becomes. When he is finally given an opportunity to show the world what he is capable of, he does so in such an epic fashion that he cements his role in history. This film is epic in its presentation, but it’s definitely not for all audiences. It’s a journey through his life, in an almost artistic form. True fans of the DC universe will appreciate the story but come prepared that it’s much darker than it initially appears.

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