Kingsman: The Secret Service (R) (2015)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller | 129 min
5.5 Stars (5.5 / 10)
kingsman secret service

Movie Info

  • Countries: UK, USA
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Swedish

The Review

Kingsman, an elite secret service that protect the whole instead of a select few. They are incognito in almost everything they do. Including who they train. When a mission doesn’t go as planned, an agent is lost. The path to his replacement is heavily laden with obstacles that make it more difficult than necessary. One of the obstacles along the way is a villain with a vision. His vision is ideal in thought but not in execution. As the training of the new recruits continues, the villain’s begins to take effect. When it gets down to the final two, one final test remains that will push them to their limits. One will prevail, one will fail… As everything in the villain’s arsenal comes together, the team suffers another devastating loss. When this happens the entire mission and the entire world are in jeopardy. We often don’t realize how much something costs until it’s free… Will they stop it in time? Or will humanity pay the price? This unconventional story feels like a James Bond knock-off. It’s got the debonair feel but it’s hilarious at the same time. There are multiple errors throughout from CGI issues to absolutely goofy mistakes. It would have earned a much higher score if not for the myriad of issues as the story was told and portrayed well. It’s great for a good laugh, but if you’re expecting more you might be disappointed.

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kingsman secret service

Trailer: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller