Life Itself (R)

6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    Sometimes life throws into a situation that we don’t understand. It’s these challenges that test our resolve and our passion, our reactions to them define who we are. This is a story of challenges and how we deal with them. An unconventional couple, getting ready to start their life experience something that leaves everyone around them scrambling for answers. Through this journey, we meet a young girl that is the pure embodiment of their love for one another and their passion for life. How she expresses that, may be a bit much for some audiences but there is a beauty to it. Then we meet another loving couple also getting ready to begin their lives. Devoted to those that they love the most, dealing with the challenges that life has thrown them as well. These two stories may seem disconnected but there’s a connection because of what they’ve dealt with. Even though it feels disconnected, there is a surprise in store for those who pay attention to the details. This beautiful portrayal of life through the eyes and experiences of those on screen will challenge many ideas, but in doing so it will reveal more than you might expect. Some of the language and scenarios could be too intense for some. Though if you’re willing to take a chance on it and come prepared, you will find yourself experiencing far more than you expect.

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