LOL Laugh Out Loud: Short Film Fest (2015)

Comedy, Short, |
(7 / 10)
lol laugh out loud short film fest

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    An outrageous compilation of unrated off-color comedy that is guaranteed to either offend you or make you laugh ’til you cry. Either way, this has almost something for everyone, everyone with a sense of humor that is. Mind you, this is not for younger audiences. The subject matter and dialogue presented in the 14 short films presented in this compilation. There are definitely highlights in this and saying that there are just as many lowlights. Subject matter ranging from animations to explicit scenes that will leave you wondering one thing… Why? However you view this, you have to recognize the genius behind the goofballs that put this together. It’s self-described as unrated, uncut and unapologetic… recognizing that this isn’t for all but that it will have a cult following in and of itself. If this comes to your area, it’s worth it…

    This is not a film fest for those faint at heart or for a younger audience. The subject matter in many of the shorts are obvious both in comedy and inappropriate behaviour. Just come prepared, be ready for ANYTHING!!!

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