Lou (G) (2017)

Animation, Short, | 6 Min
7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
lou, short,

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Through life, we’ve all lost things. Sometimes we find them and sometimes we don’t. That’s the idea behind this original Pixar short. The story focuses on a certain little boy who seems determined to take things away from others on the playground. It’s not until someone stands up to him that he’ll begin to see the full extent of what he’s doing. Only the one standing up to him is not who you might think. You see there’s a box of Lost and Found. All of the items once belonged to someone, now they’re sitting there. Seemingly forgotten… That is until someone intervenes. This touching story may not have any dialogue but it speaks volumes to the inner child within all of us.

This short is attached to the movie “Cars 3“.

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