Maleficent (PG) (2014)

Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance | 97 min
7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

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  • Countries: USA, UK
  • Language: English

The Review

Sleeping Beauty like we’ve never seen it before. We all know the story of sleeping beauty and the evil fairy that cursed her with an eternal sleep. What we haven’t seen until now was what really happened… This revised version of the story, gives us a more in depth look atᅠnot only the story but the characters as well. Our view of heroes and villains in Disney stories will be forever changed.ᅠThis opens our eyes to different ideas. In the telling of this story, the animation of the characters in the moor seemed a bit overdone. It almost felt like something more from Jim Henson than that of Disney. Maleficent however, was perfectly cast and the animations were spectacular. With the added touch of seeing Jolie’s own child cast as a young Aurora was absolutely heartwarming. What was Maleficent really like and…. What and who turned her heart into a cold block of ice. Is it everᅠpossible for it to melt? What would it take? As well as an unlikely friendship from an unlikely source. Diaval is a new character that you’ll come to know and love. This dares to show us the ins and outs of her life as well as the lives of those around her. As we travel down this somewhat darker Disney path (though still very child friendly), there’s a level of intrigue and suspense that keeps you riveted to your seat. To call this a classic would be an injustice… It is beyond even that.

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It was a movie that you didn’t want to get up, you didn’t want to miss a moment. There was a level of curiosity that made you wonder where each scene was going to lead. Being unpredictable keeps you interested. You’re brought right into the feelings of Maleficent. The feelings of loss, hatred and revenge become your own as you watch. We see that she becomes a protector where it’s needed, as well as seeing relationships wither and bloom. – Dennis

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