Mamma Mia (PG-13) (2008)

Comedy, Musical, Romance, | 108 Min
7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
mamma mia

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To be all you can be, first, you need to know who you are. Before Sophie can get married, she needs to learn something about herself. This secret has been kept from her for her entire life. She decided that it was something that she needed to know, so she did something sneaky. She stole her mom’s diary. In this diary, the secret turns out to be much more complicated than she had anticipated. It wasn’t a simple answer as she had hoped… So instead of inviting one extra guest, she must invite three. Soph is sure that she’ll know as soon as she sees who it is. Only, it’s never quite that simple. Once they arrive, it’s a comedy of errors as the secrets reveal more and more. When the big day finally arrives, what happens may surprise you. Though this isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely a fun musical that will appeal to a wide audience. There isn’t any thrilling action or intense drama, but there is a lot of music and fun. Some may call it a chick flick, others may just call it a classic. Either way, it’s one to be remembered.

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