Max (PG) (2015)

Adventure, Family | 111 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)

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  • Country: USA
  • Language: English

The Review

Dogs, mans best friend and so much more. They’ve served side by side with our men and women in uniform for many years. Many of them even suffer the same conditions as our service men and women. This story is about such a dog, his name is Max. He trained and served proudly with his handler, a marine, here at home and overseas. On a routine day, out on patrol, an ambush overtook the patrol and his handler was killed. Max, unfortunately was never the same. Just as he was about to be destroyed, his family (his handler’s family) stepped up to take him home. That simple decision would impact all of their lives. They may have saved Max but in reality it is Max that saves them. This emotional tale will tug at your heartstrings. You’ll find yourself immersed so deeply in the story that it feels as if you know each of them personally. The only flaws are simple yet obvious. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly, you’ll take something away with you.

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Adventure, Family