McFarland, USA (PG) (2015)

Biography, Drama, Sport | 129 min
7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)
mcfarland usa

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  • Languages: English, Spanish

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A coach that pushes things too far ends up putting himself and his family in a perilous situation. The new environment they find themselves in is less than desirable. They fear for their safety and worry about their future. As the time ticks by he once again pushes the boundaries. This time it may be just what the kids need. He’s surrounded by a culture that he knows nothing about and this new adventure will teach him probably more than he can teach them. He takes the natural abilities that he can see in these kids and turns it into something amazing. Kids that can’t even look ahead now having a chance at a real future. Changing not only the lives of them and their families but the entire community. The change has affected his family too. What was once uncertain and seemingly dangerous turns out to be the safest place imaginable. Just when this seems like the end of the story, he gets a chance to spearhead an entire program. The catch, they’d have to move. Does he follow his dream or does he follow his heart? You’ll have to watch and see. Truly one of the most inspirational movies of 2015 (so far). It is based on a true story and has the outcomes of the star players at the end. It’s amazing what can happen if you dare to dream. It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it.

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mcfarland usa

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Biography, Drama, Sport