Miracles from Heaven (PG) (2016)

Biography, Drama, Family, Fantasy | 109 min
8.75 Stars (8.75 / 10)
miracles from heaven

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Having a sick child is every parent’s worst nightmare… Why? Because as parents we want to do all we can to help our children. When they’re sick, we just don’t know what to do. A bruise will heal, a boo boo can get a bandaid but what if it’s something much more, something that can’t be seen. Where do you turn? That’s what this family had to face. One of their daughters was sick and in pain, yet no matter what they did, where they took her or who she saw she wasn’t getting any better. A pediatric specialist that might be able to help her is booked up months in advance: so what happens now? A determined mother is about to show the world how far a parent will go for their child. Through her treatment, things looked grim at best but they were determined to do whatever they could. Then one day, something incredible happened. Whilst playing with her sisters, she climbed a tree and had a horrible accident. Only the accident really wasn’t so horrible after all. A single event that could have ended her life forever has changed her like no one could have ever thought possible. Do you believe in miracles? What is a miracle? Those questions and more are up for debate but this story is given to us as it happened. An incredibly inspirational story that the mother (Christy Beam) decided to share with the world. This story will do nothing less than break your heart into a thousand pieces and put it back together again and maybe, just maybe that’s what makes it so special… Come see and share a special something that puts the possible back in impossible.

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miracles from heaven

Trailer: Miracles from Heaven

Biography, Drama, Family, Fantasy

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