Mortal Engines (PG-13)

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    In a world where society has broken down and cities are no longer locations, those who have struggled to survive now do so by scavenging and tinkering. The cities that still exist do so by being mobile. The only way to survive is to absorb and devour smaller cities and homesteads to advance and stay alive. Whilst running from those trying to capture him, a young man will come across a certain young woman. Though they both are trying to get to the same location, they have different plans once they arrive. One is motivated by revenge and the other just lives in the moment. When they accomplish the first part of their goals (separately yet together), they’ll quickly realize that they need one another much more than they realized. Their alliance will involve much more than their mere survival, they hold the fate of the world in their hands. As someone is determined to destroy a vital stronghold to civilization, they are equally as determined to stop him. Facing the hardships that await them will push them to their limits. When some truths are revealed about their pasts and some unexpected surprises arrive to help along the way, they realize that the stakes have never been higher. This dystopian drama is a compilation of Mad Max/Transcendence/Divergent. There isn’t much originality to it but it is an entertaining adventure. It may not be for everyone but it will certainly become a favorite for some.

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