Muppets Most Wanted (PG) (2014)

Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Musical | 107 min
6.0 Stars (6.0 / 10)
muppets most wanted

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  • Languages: English, German

The Review

This movie is the 12th movie in the Muppet installment. It begins at the end, literally. The story unfolds as a new agent joins the Muppets for a world tour. Their travels take them all over Europe, to begin with, and we get to see the Muppet show under supervision of another manager. Why you ask… Well, one of our favorite Muppets has been replaced by an evil twin. One that is an international mastermind. The other Muppets are easily fooled by this twin except for one. All of this taking place as our beloved Muppet is hauled off to a Russian prison. While there are many comedy and hilarious goings on at the prison, there are many serious happenings on the tour. Our bad guys take on a string of robberies trying to get to the “BIG” payoff. While all of this is going on, we are all invited to one of the most awaited events in Muppet history… A wedding… It is as opulent of an event as any of us could have imagined, the question is… What will happen next? You’ll have to see it to find out. One thing that is a constant thing throughout this story is the lesson that you should believe in yourself, and that you can do anything. It also shows us that doing your own thing doesn’t always have the best outcomes. A basic lesson in personal responsibility.

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