Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (G) (2017)

Adventure, Animation, Comedy, | 21 min
6.8 out of 10 stars (6.8 / 10)
olaf's frozen adventure

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Elsa and Anna are preparing the castle to welcome the entire village of Arendelle. The Yule bell will soon be rung and the celebration can begin. That is until the bell is rung and everyone begins to leave, each to celebrate their own traditions. That’s when reality begins to hit the sisters, they don’t have any traditions. Just as they embark on their own searches to find what their traditions could be, a close friend of theirs decides to set out on his own adventure to find traditions for them. Each of them has their own approach to this tradition thing, and some a bit more conventional than others. Just as Olaf thinks that he has the situation under control, he encounters something that could compromise all of his hard work. When he returns to the castle, he is met with a surprise. Surprises are the name of the game in this delightful short. Exciting and entertaining, it expresses traditions in a way that is rarely thought of. All the while, appealing to different cultures and families around the world.

This short is proceeding the animated movie COCO.

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