On the Basis of Sex (PG-13)

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

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    The laws in the United States of America were written to represent and protect the citizens of this great nation. The only problem was that the laws weren’t written to represent all of the citizens equally. Throughout the 20th century, times began to change. The activists in the suffragette and civil rights movements changed the course of this great nation. What they couldn’t have anticipated was a woman like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many laws were written to specifically dictate different roles in and out of the home based on gender. It had never been seen as an issue until it was a man that was discriminated against. Kiki wanted to take on this case and change the world. She never could have imagined that the side that was trying to make its case for the justification of the matter would help further her argument. Even as hard as she worked to change the world, she got in her own way. It would take a team much larger than herself to successfully see this through. The final ruling would be the basis of ending gender discrimination in laws throughout the United States. This is a story that is much more than a single woman. Her passion for justice would both help and hinder her as well as those around her. The resolve that she was so desperate to reveal would help her to aspire to the highest court in the nation. Though this story is powerful in many ways, there are times when it crosses the line. Whether or not that helps or hurts it is up to you.

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