Overlord (R)

6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)

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    The Review

    War brings out the best and the worst of those involved. In the heart of WWII, Nazi’s had a stronghold on most of Europe. An American effort to eliminate a communication post of the enemy forces would involve more than they signed on for. Upon arrival in the area, the American forces knew there would be difficulties but what they found was beyond their imagination. Nazi’s were known for their horrific tactics but what most of the world didn’t realize was they were also experimenting on individuals (friend and foe). These experiments would test the boundaries of humanity. Death was no longer a boundary that was recognized by them, they found ways to reanimate those lost to war. The outcome wasn’t without its own problems. When one of those involved decided to take a risk to the unknown, it would change everything, possibly, even the outcome of the war. Now the mission became much more than just destroying a communication area, but also to destroy what was happening before it could get out. That is if they weren’t already too late… A darker side to war, a nightmare scenario, a chance at something more… Is it worth it, although this just a movie, it plays off of ideas and experiments that the Nazi’s conducted during WWII. This representation of that is not for the weak at heart. The story is full of action and adventure but the gore level will deter many. Whether or not it the experiments crossed that line, we’ll never know but this takes you places you never wanted to go.

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