Pan (PG) (2015)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | 111 min
7.25 Stars (7.25 / 10)

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  • Language: English

The Review

Neverland, like never before. That’s what we see here. A young boy growing up in a boys home knows there’s more to his story. What he cannot even fathom is the complexity of that truth. One by one, boys begin to disappear from the boys home. No one knows exactly where they go… but Peter is about to find out. The boys are being taken by Blackbeard and his men, you might be thinking… Wait, he’s not part of the story but it’s worth staying with it… Blackbeard needs the boys to mine something he desperately needs. Once Peter arrives, everything in Neverland begins to change. That’s only the beginning though. The original tale that we know and love had to start somewhere. This just takes us a little deeper into… Somewhere… As Peter begins to realize who he is, he has to come face ᅠto face with his past. A journey that will change him and all of Neverland forever. Even the ending leaves us with some questions, which almost certainly will result in a sequel… Look up at the stars, think happy thoughts and maybe just maybe… You’ll find your own Neverland.

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Adventure, Family, Fantasy