Peppermint (R)

6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)

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    The Review

    When everything is taken away from you, you have two choices… You can give up or you can fight back. Riley North found herself in this exact scenario. Everything that she had was ripped away from her. In this scenario, justice refused to be blind and she was pressured to conform along with the rest. Only, Riley fought back… She disappeared for years, off grid, learning skills that she would need to do what needed to be done. On the anniversary of the event that changed her world, she reappeared and sought her own version of justice. She had in mind what needed to be done, carrying out would be an entirely different story. One by one she made the hard choices. One by one, justice would be done. If only it could give her back the life that she held so dear. The role that Riley has assumed has put a target on her back from the criminals that she pursues and the law enforcement that couldn’t or wouldn’t take the action that was necessary. Even with that, she will soon find that she has friends that she didn’t know she had. As this unfolds, Riley is nothing less than a female version of John Wick. Willing to sacrifice everything to see that justice is served. It’s a bit intense for some audiences but right on par for others. Is it for you? Only you can answer that… Let’s just hope there’s more to come.

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