Pete’s Dragon (G) (1977)

8.0 Stars (8.0 / 10)

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The Review

Dragons are part of many cultures around the world. From myth to legend, every culture has some mention of them. Here we’re about to see a dragon like never before. Pete is runaway who is desperate to escape from the clutches of the ones that are after him. His friend Elliott will do whatever it takes to keep Pete safe. When they come across a new town, Pete wants to take a chance and see what the people are like. As Pete tours the town, his protective friend will end up getting in the way, causing some issues amongst the local townspeople of Pasamaquoddy. Pete will soon find himself trying to re-establish himself without Elliott only to learn that he needs his friend more than he could ever imagine. Some new friends that Pete come across help him as well, only convincing them there is really a dragon is going to be a sheer feat to overcome. There are also some others in town who have different plans for Elliott. What will happen to Pete? What will happen to Elliott? All of that will be explained in this heartwarming and whimsical story that reaches across the fantasy boundary to find that soft spot in your heart. Although this story is very reminiscent of another Disney classic, it is unique enough to stand on it’s own. Take a chance and experience this for yourself… You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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