Piper (G) (2016)

Animation, Short, Family | 6 min
8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

Movie Info

  • Genres: Animation, Short, Family
  • Language: English

The Review

Piper is a young sandpiper that is about to learn some life lessons. Piper’s mom is urging her young one to leave the safety and security of the nest to venture out and explore the world. As Piper approaches the water and finds some interesting creatures. Soon a wave comes up and catches Piper by surprise, this surprise turns out to be much more traumatic for the young one than one might imagine. With some urging from mom, Piper decides to give it another shot. Little does this young one know that the new friends will be much more helpful than imagined. As Piper observes the surroundings, there will be some new tricks to the trade that will be learned. This incredibly cute Pixar short is a breath of fresh air as it appeals to all ages. There is the cuteness factor, the depth the story and the parts that both make you laugh and tug at your heart strings that will make you want to watch this short clip over and over again. Come fall in love with Pixar all over again.

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