Point Break (R) (2015)

Action, Crime, Sport, Thriller | 114 min
2.5 Stars (2.5 / 10)
point break

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  • Language: English

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A heart stopping adrenaline rush that will leave you exhausted. That sums this up in a sentence but doesn’t capture the essence of the story. A group of young men are determined to reach nirvana through completing eight (8) seemingly impossible tasks. Each of these tasks has a purpose, this purpose is about something more than the rush of adrenaline… It’s about giving back. The thing is, in order to give back, something must be taken so that it can be given. This cause / effect system has taken this team beyond the limits of the law and has caught the attention of the FBI. One young agent, determined to prove himself wants to infiltrate this group, but not just for the FBI but for himself too. As he begins to dig deeper, he finds himself deeper into this than he thought he’d be. When he comes to a critical point, he must make a decision as to which he should follow. These tasks and these decisions are about more than the risk / reward but that’s the basis of the story. Having a movie that is based on a movie of the same title and same basic plotline is seemingly overdone. There isn’t much to it besides the adrenaline rush. That alone will keep you intrigued throughout. There is content that is not appropriate for younger viewers, a mixture of adult situations, violence and pulse pounding risks. If you want an exhilarating action movie by itself, you’ll be thrilled. Though if you’re looking for substanceᅠthis will leave you wanting more.

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Action, Crime, Sport, Thriller