Pup Star (G) (2016)

5.25 Stars (5.25 / 10)

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The Review

Do you have the ムItメ factor?ᅠ You know that something that makes you stand out and be heard. A little Yorkie named Tiny does and itメs not her bark. Waitナ. back upナ. did I say a Yorkie, like a small little dog? Yes, I did! Welcome to your normal everyday life with the addition of dogs that can not only talk but can sing too. Tiny gets the opportunity to audition for ムPup Starメ, a singing competition for dogs. Just when she thinks sheメs going home she earns a place in the finals only to be dog-napped. Sheメs about to give up on her dreams when she hitches a ride out with her new friend Charlie. Still being pursued they travel from city to city meeting new friends. These friends help Tiny find the blues, her inner rhythm and what it really means to sing from the heart. With all her newly required skills she must shake her pursuers and make it to the finale. Will she make it in time? Will she have what it takes? This is a tale of believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams.


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