Puppy! A Hotel Transylvania Short (G) (2017)

Animal, Animation, Comedy, Short, |
6.3 out of 10 stars (6.3 / 10)

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What happens when mommy and daddy say no? Ask the grandparent(s). That’s the predicament that little Dennis finds himself in. He wants a puppy more than anything. After asking mommy and daddy, he wasn’t getting the answer that he wanted. So he figured out that he could ask Papa Drac. Papa Drac is unable to resist Dennis’s charm and can’t deny him his request. Little does he know that by giving in, his life is about to change dramatically. This isn’t a typical puppy, a typical puppy is manageable, this puppy is a bit more than they bargained for in every sense of the word. As a continuation of the Hotel Transylvania story, it’s cute to see how the family has progressed and the direction that the story seems to be going (in preparation for the upcoming tv series). Fans of the Hotel Transylvania series as well as animal lovers will find this endearing as well as entertaining.

This short appears before The Emoji Movie.

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