Ricki and the Flash (PG-13) (2015)

Comedy, Drama, Music | 101 min
7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)
ricki and the flash

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  • Language: English

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An unconventional story about an unconventional family that will touch your heart. This performance by Meryl Streep is spectacular. Here she is rocker, a woman that married young, had three kids and then followed her dream at the cost of her family. Years later she faces a situation that causes her to come face to face with her family and her past. We can’t change the past, all we can do is move forward. Sometimes that’s easier than it seems. It’s not just about her anymore, it never was. There is the ex (and he’s remarried), three kids (2 boys and a girl), and then realizing that life didn’t stop just because she wasn’t there. She missed out on many years, many memories, and only in the case of a tragedy… does she find her way back home. When she finds her way, she realizes the only thing she has to give is herself. Is that enough? This story goes deep into the emotional turmoil of a family torn apart by similar situations. We see it from each of their point of view, the emotions are at the surface and portrayed perfectly. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll walk away with something that will stay with you. The subject matter might be a little much for young audiences but is laid out in a very real, very raw fashion. Come for the laughs, leave with the memories.

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ricki and the flash

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Comedy, Drama, Music

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