Rock the Kasbah (R) (2015)

Comedy, Music, War | 106 min
5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)
rock the kasbah

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  • Language: English

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A self proclaimed master manager, represents a young female artist as she prepares to perform at a local base in Kabul, Afghanistan. Right before his eyes, she robs him blind and takes off… leaving him to fend for himself in a war tornᅠarea. He does all that he knows to do, but even with all that, he’s not getting home any time soon. He meets some fellow Americans that have their own business that cashes in on what’s going on around them. They can help him, if he helps them, but is it worth the risk… His first trip brings him face to face with his own mortality.ᅠRealizing the risk involved, he decides to walk away but knowing where he is… he’s not gettingᅠfar. Realizing this, he decides to finish what he started… after all what else could he lose. He’s about to be surprised though because just when he thought he’d lost everything, he finds something that can turn everything around. The problem is that what he’s found, he cannot share it because it is against the laws of the area. Knowing him as well as you do by watching… (and knowing it’s Bill Murray), you know that won’t stop him. When he has the opportunity to showcase his find… it might come crashing down before he can seal the deal. So will he come out ahead? or will his head be on the chopping block? This is an intriguing tale about finding a diamond in the rough. It’s also a story about sex, drugs and rock and roll… It’s a strange combination but it works. There is a lot of filler material that if removed would make it even better but taking it as it is… It’s enjoyable but definitely not memorable…

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