Second Chance Dogs (2016)

Documentary, animal | 56 min
6.5 out of 10 stars (6.5 / 10)
second chance dogs

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    Many say that dogs are a manメs best friend but what about second chance dogs? Second chance dogs are dogs that have behavioral issues that usually come from puppy mills or hoarding cases and are given a second chance to become part of a family. Itメs not an easy road and this film documents the everyday issues and struggles that they must face. This particular documentary focuses on a few dachshunds and Alaskan malamutes within the ASPCA organization. They are given six months to help overcome behavioral issues and find a forever home. However, sadly not all dogs pass the test which puts their very lives at risk. These dogs must overcome four fears: the fear of walking on a leash, the fear of people, the fear of handling and the fear of novelty. Once they overcome these fears they are then up for adoption for a forever home. This film captures exactly where these dogs come from, their journey and their second chance at life.

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