Sleepless (R) (2017)

Action, Crime, Thriller | 95 min
2.75 Stars (2.75 / 10)

Movie Info

  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Language: English

The Review

How far would you go in the name of justice? That’s what one beat cop will learn the hard way. He finds himself on the wrong end of a drug deal. As hard as he tries to do the right thing, life gets in the way. Because of this, his marriage has fallen apart and his relationship with his son is almost non-existent. His most recent deal could be his last. Just when he thinks he has it figured out, a colleague of his seems to have caught on to what is happening. Tensions run high as he tries to get the mess on both sides straightened out. With what’s at stake, he doesn’t really have a choice. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon, things aren’t always as they seem.  This presentation starts out with a solid story line, along the way, it gets a bit lost. In doing so, the story itself becomes confusing and the basic plot itself becomes a mixed up compilation of Triple 9 and Taken with a little bit of Scary movie mixed in for good measure. If that seems confusing, then at least you’ll be prepared for what you’re about to experience. Is it for you? That’s for you to decide.

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Action, Crime, Thriller

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