Slender Man (R)

3.3 out of 10 stars (3.3 / 10)
slender man

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    The Review

    Be warned, once you summon someone or something, it’s not quite so easy to get rid of them. These 4 friends are about to learn that the hard way. Following an idea by some peers of theirs, they decide to summon the slender man. At first, they don’t think anything of it, but as time passes… each of them begins to experience him. It all seems like a bad dream until one of them goes missing. The slender man demands something, and in order for him to get it, you have to give him something. In an attempt to appease him, the others attempt to offer him pieces of themselves. Is it enough? Or will the cost be more than they can pay? This “horror” movie is not quite what it seems. It’s somewhere between “bloody mary” and the movie The Ring. It struggles to be scary and barely achieves jump scares, but even that is in bits and pieces. If you’re looking for a mild horror story, this may be for you but true horror fans will leave disappointed. Should you take a chance on the slender man? That’s up to you.

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