Smallfoot (PG)

7.8 out of 10 stars (7.8 / 10)

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    The Review

    A legend with many names, yeti, abominable snowman, etc… Yet that doesn’t discourage humans from searching for them and telling stories about sightings. Is there more to this legend? Could they actually exist? Well, that’s what this story explains to us. Only, it’s from their perspective. You see, with all of the legends we have about them, they have just as many about us. We are known as the smallfoot and to them, we are merely a myth. There are those in their community that challenge this idea and believe that we actually do exist and they are determined to prove it. It then becomes an adventure to go out in search of the smallfoot. What is discovered when they come in contact with us is the adventure of a lifetime. Now it’s just a matter of proving to the rest of their community that we are real and that we do exist. Only, it’s never that simple. As the truth begins to come out, something much darker is revealed about the myth. What will happen when it is revealed? Will we remain only a myth? Will they? So many questions and this will answer them all. A fun filled family adventure that will surely leave you smiling and singing long after the credits are done.

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