Snatched (R) (2017)

Action, Comedy, | 91 Min
5.5 Stars (5.5 / 10)

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A not so traditional story about a mother and daughter. Emily has booked a trip to South America, because of an unexpected event, her mother will now be accompanying her on this adventure. There’s one problem though, one of them is highly adventurous and the other is practically afraid of her shadow. So how will this play out? That’s where the hilarity ensues. Their adventure is full of a series of misadventures. However, even with the misadventures along the way, they manage to find common ground. Now if only they could find their footing on this ground. As the story plays out, both leading ladies take turns playing the leading role. It’s a well-balanced comedy that will appeal to a wider audience than it may appear on the surface. That being said, the entire story is heavy laden with adult jokes, innuendos, and even some brief nudity. So this is one of those that isn’t for everyone, but if you appreciate over the top naughty comedy with a bit of heart mixed in… you’ll definitely appreciate this. If not, at least you’re prepared (feel free to check out other reviews to find one that might be suited to a wider audience).

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