Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [Episode VI] (PG) (1983)

7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)

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Loyalty and intrigue have been the basis for the idea since the beginning. This does not disappoint. All of the characters that we know and love have returned. There are some complications that have arisen from the knowledge that was gained at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back“, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing what was needed. A daring rescue mission is necessary before they can move forward. Upon completion of that, they face a new set of challenges. The resurrection of something from their past has the potential to undo all they have done for the rebel alliance. That doesn’t stop the dark side from moving forward though. Luke will find himself face to face with a situation that will challenge all that he knows. His decision will impact the past, present and future of the alliances. Aside from that, the rest of the team works together to do what must be done in order to succeed on their mission. We do get to meet some new friends along the way that assist our friends on their mission. This third installment of this story seems to have wrapped it up. That can’t be all there is though… Can it??? Some hints to some romantic involvements might lead to something more. There are also some familial bonds that are created that add even more intrigue to this epic saga. Will it be pursued? Let’s hope so…

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