Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith [Episode III] (PG) (2005)

6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)

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The questions we’ve had since the beginning are finally being answered. The chosen one has set the tone for the newest installments of the Star Wars movies. What we haven’t been told is what the turning point is… Well we don’t have to wait any longer as we finally see what it is. At the end of “Attack of The Clones” we get to see an intimate moment between Anakin and Padme. This single moment will change everything for both of them. As Anakin finishes his training, he is ready to take the next step forward. There are those that stand in his way. Is it because they see something that he is unable to or is it just a matter of jealousy? That will reveal itself as the story unfolds. Anakin is driven by emotion, a Jedi is supposed to be devoid of emotion and be entirely selfless. That is harder than it seems in this situation. He must face is past to move forward into his future. It’s not without challenges though. His decisions in these moments will shape what side of the force he is on. The Jedi way offers a clear path for the future whereas the Dark side offers power and a promise of more. A difficult decision must be made that could cost him everything. His decision will shape not only his future but the future of the franchise. Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without him but we now get to see what made him into who (or what) he became. A must see in the timeline of events, fan or not this answers many questions we’ve been left with for years.

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