Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back [Episode V] (PG) (1980)

7.25 Stars (7.25 / 10)

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The Review

The Rebel Alliance has come a long ways since we last saw them two years ago. They are doing their best to establish themselves to train and learn all that is needed. When those who after them learn of their locations, it becomes an intense battle. Though they’re able to escape, the don’t escape together. Luke decides to go off on his own journey to find a Jedi Master. He doesn’t go alone though, a friend has gone with him. The rest of the team goes off in a different direction, doing so will end up putting them in great peril. Luke finds the Jedi Master and begins to learn what is necessary to fulfill his destiny. Only just as he begins to get a grasp on what is necessary, he is needed elsewhere. Rather than staying and completing his training, he goes off to save his friends. Once there, he comes face to face with someone who knows something about his past. When the secret is revealed, it will change Luke forever. This second installment in this saga gives us a lot more to ponder. We are invited into their worlds and into what makes each of them who they are. This seems to be only the beginning in a great saga that is yet to unfold. Where can they go from here? The opportunities are endless…

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