Stronger (R)

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7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)

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Boston Strong! We’ve heard it and seen it promoted after the devastating bombing during the Boston Marathon in 2013. Stronger tells us some of the true story surrounding one it’s heroes Jeffrey Bauman. His world and life was changed in an instant after losing his legs when one of bombs went off. However he was close enough to see the bomber and helped the FBI identify one of them when he woke up in the hospital. But Jeff’s journey of dealing with his altered life has just begun. PTSD is one of the main things Jeff has to fight besides figuring out why people think he’s a hero. It’s both difficult and inspiring story to watch. His journey of recovery both mentally and physically was not an easy one by far and yet his determination and his spirit permeates throughout the movie. If you’re looking for a powerful performance then look no further than the one given from Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeffrey Bauman. A very powerful true story told very well and very respectfully. In the face of tragedy and adversity Jeff’s spirit helped bring together, not only Boston, but also the nation. Thank you Jeffrey Bauman and those like you.

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