Sweet Virginia (R) (2017)

Thriller | 102 (Min)
7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

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A former rodeo star moves to Alaska from Virginia and has a Hotel he runs there. He is living a simple, quiet life dealing with some ailments inflicted from his former career. A guest, with an anger issue to say the least, is into some things that can cause some trouble in this small town. These two actually get to know each other a little which will come into play later in the movie. It is a slow burn movie but it’s a movie that you have to invest in but well worth the journey. As we see multiple stories come together it all starts to make sense and build towards the climax of the movie. Performances are great across the board, very well acted. John Bernthal is awesome and Christopher Abbott dang near steals the show with his character. The pace is slow but the movie as a whole isn’t that long either, so those of you who want a thriller/action movie won’t get that here. But for us who love a good story and can invest in the characters and really want to know what’s going on will enjoy this very much.

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