The Big Sick (R) (2017)

Comedy, Romance, | 120 Min
8.25 Stars (8.25 / 10)
the bigger sick

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  • Languages: English, Urdu,

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Love doesn’t discriminate. Kamail is about to learn that the hard way. He’s a struggling comedian, doing all that he can to make it in the big leagues. One night during his routine, a young woman named Emily interrupted him. By doing so, she definitely got his attention. Neither of them was looking for anything from the other, yet their hearts didn’t know that. Just as things begin to progress, they hit a roadblock due to their cultural differences. They go their separate ways and try to go back to their lives. That is until one of them gets a devastating call that the other is sick. Because of this phone call, their lives will once again be intertwined. It begins to feel a bit like “While You Were Sleeping” but is able to keep its own identity along the way. As their story is told, we see deeper into both of their lives. What makes them who they are and why their lives have gone in the directions that they have. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, love just isn’t enough. Though that’s a hard lesson to learn, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the end of the story.

Those lucky enough to see the movie as the extended edition “The Big(ger) Sick” had the opportunity to witness the actual characters. You see it’s based on a true story. How did it turn out? You’ll have to watch it and find out. After all… No spoilers here!

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