The Case for Christ (PG) (2017)

Drama, Religious, | 112 MIn
7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)
the case for christ

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    A self-proclaimed Atheist will find his world turned upside down when his wife decides to believe. His belief is based on facts, what can be proven. So where does that leave their marriage? Just as you might think, it’s turbulent. He doesn’t understand how his wife can believe in something as controversial as Christianity. Because of that, he’s determined to disprove the biggest piece of Christian history. Being an investigative reporter, he believes he has an edge as he delves into the historical account of Jesus. The deeper he digs, the more the information begins to present itself. Only the conclusions that he’s coming to aren’t the ones he expected to find. This is the ultimate story of faith from a non-believer’s perspective. The challenges that he/they had to overcome throughout this journey made them stronger together as well as strengthing their beliefs. Is this for everyone? That’s highly debatable with the strongly religious content throughout, that being said though, there is a message here deeper than the one that is so obvious. To find out what it is, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. Will you?

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