The Dark Tower (PG-13) (2017)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 95 Min
6.5 Stars (6.5 / 10)
the dark tower

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At the center of the universe, a tower stands that helps to protect all of the worlds and the people in them. What does this tower protect them from? That is about to be revealed, just not in the way you might think. A young boy will be the key to the whole thing. His insight into what is going on is about to change his life forever. He can’t do it alone though. It’s not until he’s pushed to his limit that he’s able to find the strength he needs to do what needs to be done. The help that he receives is a bit unconventional, they share a dark secret though that will form an unbreakable bond. Though the story doesn’t end quite as you may think, it hints that there could be more to come. Stephen King definitely stepped outside his comfort zone with this story. What it ended up as was more of a mix of The Neverending Story and The Sorcerers Apprentice. If you can’t quite imagine that from Stephen King, then come take a chance on this, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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