The Favourite (R)

5.3 out of 10 stars (5.3 / 10)

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    Madness in the monarchy… Queen Anne was not the typical representation of the monarchy. Whilst she was in charge, the war and the charges beneath her suffered greatly. Anne suffered greatly as well, some chronic health issues and a deteriorating mind plagued her. Those closest to her saw this moreso than any others. These individuals (one in particular), helped her immensely by relaying the messages from Anne to the courts and charges. Where it got complicated was that this individual skewed the messages for her own benefit. All was fine with this arrangement until a new charge arrived at the Queen’s castle. This new charge had meager beginnings but saw an opportunity to advance herself within the court. Knowledge and sacrifice would quickly gain her favor in the eyes of the queen. It wasn’t long until this new charge gained the position that she had sought. This portrayal of this scenario shows the highs and lows that plagued the monarchy during this period. What it was that drove Anne to the brink of insanity, who she trusted to keep her secrets and the sordid details behind those secrets. Wholly comedic at times, and equally dramatic at others… This dares to push the boundary and yet doesn’t take it too far. Some of the content will exclude some audiences but as a whole, it’s an entertaining example of expression.

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