The Gift (R) (2000)

5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)

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Annabelle Wilson has a gift, or at least thatメs what her granny always told her. However, sometimes Annabelle wonders if itメs more of a curse that anything. Annabelle is what youメd call a psychic, she can read cards and sometimes she receives visions. As incredible as it appears itメs not all black and white and her visions arenメt always what they seem. There are two types of people in Annabelleメs world, those who hang on her every word, and those who believe psychics are frauds. However, when Jessica King goes missing they all turn to her for answers. What starts out as a missing person leads to something much more that only Annabelle can solve. Just when Annabelle thinks theyメve put the right man behind bars her visions start increasing with an intensity sheメs never felt. Will Annabelle find the true guilty party? Will she get too close and end up risking her own life? Find out in this suspenseful drama of woman with gifts we can only dream of.


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