The Happytime Murders (R)

5.5 out of 10 stars (5.5 / 10)

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    The Muppets have been a family favorite for generations. They have brought joy and laughter to many… The big question is what do they do when they’re off screen/stage? The answer to that is that they live normal lives, they have the same struggles and weaknesses that humans have. Only this story goes a step further showing us the depravity and behavior that is not at all what we associate with the Muppets. This focuses on a specific set of muppets/puppets, that were all stars of the Happytime gang. One by one they are targeted. That is until one of their own joins the fight to save the rest. It’s not that simple though, this ex-cop has been in his own share of scandals. Try as he may, he has to involve a human in the investigation. Even though it’s already the investigation of the police, he knows he must get involved. What will happen when they follow the stuffing? The answer just may surprise you. This is an unconventional comedy brought to you by Henson alternative. These aren’t the muppets that you remember at all. Nor is this for younger viewers. It tells a story, but it alienates many as well. This story is guaranteed to entertain or offend. Whichever it is, is up to you.

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