The House (R) (2017)

Comedy | 88 Min
3.0 Stars (3.0 / 10)
the house, will ferrell, amy poehler,

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The house always has the advantage. That’s what this suburban couple is hoping for. Their daughter is ready to head off to college, because of this, they realize that their plans haven’t worked out quite as they had planned. Just when they think they are out of options, Alex (their daughter) is awarded a scholarship. A solution to their problem, just in time… Right? Well, not quite. You see, the ones awarding the scholarship had different plans. So it is up to them to come up with a plan to help their little girl go off to the school of her dreams. They calculate a plan, along with a friend, that could solve all of their problems. The only catch… Oh, come on, you knew there was one. It’s highly illegal. They’re not going to let a little legality get in the way of their goals. Not that it’s anything new for them anyways. This unlikely comedy has an interesting idea that just falls short on the plot and the comedy. Though the focus seems to be centered around the needs of the daughter. It becomes more of a story of what two (2) soon to be empty nesters can and will do with their lives. Throughout the story, there are many references to drugs, alcohol and other illegal activities, so it’s definitely not for the young or even the young at heart. A stoner comedy that you just about have to be stoned to enjoy it. This is a bet that definitely benefited the house… literally.

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