The Infiltrator (R) (2016)

Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller | 127 min
7.0 Stars (7.0 / 10)
the infiltrator

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  • Languages: English, Spanish

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Drugs define much of the economy, whether we like it or not they’re here to stay. In the midst of one of the biggest undercover operations ever conducted. A man dedicated to his family will be pushed to his personal and professional limits. His dedication to both (family and work) will be tested time and time again. All while getting deeper and deeper into a worldwide money laundering operation. Along the way he’ll meet some of the ones that are the bad guys that he’s supposed to be after. Yet, they end up becoming friends. These friendships, some are for show, some are more. When it comes time to do what he needs to do. It will be much harder than he had ever realized. Will he have the resolve to do what needs to be done or will his heart get in the way. This is something that has happened time and time again in history. In this particular instance, this is based on the true undercover story of Robert Mazur. Come along on this incredible emotional expose into the dark side of the economy. It’s difficult to come to a realization such as this… Does it change anything? Does it make a difference? Only time will tell.

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