The Jungle Book (G) (1967)

5.75 Stars (5.75 / 10)

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The Review

The jungle is a wild place, full of a variety of wild animals and strange encounters. A young man cub named Mowgli is about to learn that the hard way. You may ask… Why is this man cub in the middle of the jungle? and how could he possibly survive in such an environment? He is in luck because he is found by one of the many creatures in the jungle and taken to a mother that is raising cubs of her own. The thing is, the one that found him will end up more involved in his life than ever thought possible. As Mowgli grows bigger and stronger, he soon reaches a point in his life when those around him think he belongs back in the man village. The thing is he doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay in the only home that he’s ever known. So the adventure begins as he traverses the jungle with the assistance of a variety of creatures. Along the way he’ll experience all that the jungle has to offer… good and bad. As the adventure comes to a close, Mowgli must choose for himself where he wants to be. What will he choose? The life he has always known or a life with those like him… That remains to be seen but this adventure will entertain you throughout. The music is more than memorable and you’ll find yourself singing along even after the story is done. A great family movie that all ages will enjoy that will surely become a classic.

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