The Little Mermaid (G) (1989)

Animation, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Romance | 83 min
6.75 Stars (6.75 / 10)
the little mermaid

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  • Languages: English, French

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A young mermaid (Ariel) is on the brink of the beginning, her curiosity is her passion. That passion will test all the limits of everything she’s ever known. When she’s expected to show up at a showᅠwhereᅠher father (King Triton) is debuting her, she inadvertently misses it because she gets caught up in her insatiable curiosity. She loves to search old shipwrecks, for what you might ask… anything belonging to the world above. Everything about this other world fascinate her, especially the people. In order to have a chance at something more, she enlists help from the sea witch (Ursula). In exchange for her help, the sea witch wants something in return. Is what is above worth the price that Ursula wants? Ariel is about to find out. There’s another catch though, she only has three days to get what she desires or she will lose everything. Will she succeed? That remains to be seen. This is a cute Disney movie with a cute story but the most memorable part of the whole thing is the musical score. A disobedient daughter does anything and everything she can to get what she wants, when that doesn’t work, she still finds a way to make it happen. As most Disney stories, this has a happy ending but it’s not without it’s flaws. Simple discrepancies from one scene to the next seem to just be an oversight that many would overlook but for someone paying attention, it’s distracting. This is a unique take on the mythological tale that will surely become a classic. Watch, sing along and enjoy with your loved ones for years to come.

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