The Little Prince (PG) (2016)

7.75 Stars (7.75 / 10)

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The Review

Within the wonder and imagination of a child, there is an innocence that is lost as we grow up. It’s not that growing up is bad, it’s forgetting that innocence that defines who we become. There is just something about that childlike wonder that we should all reflect upon to find the joys in life. This story epitomizes that, a young girl is being groomed to be all that she can be by her mother. Her schedule is all planned out, all the way through childhood. Part of this involves moving to an area where the path to the future is attainable. What neither of them realize is the eccentric next door neighbor will have an impact on her life that neither could have foreseen. The eccentric gentleman next door, reaches out to his young neighbor, trying to help her enjoy that childlike wonder while it still exists. He’s an exception to that rule that we lose that as we age. As he reaches out to her, he shares a story about a young boy. This boy lives on an asteroid in deep space. This young boy has many adventures that he shares with his new young friend. As the story of the young boy comes to an end, so does the story as a whole. There’s something beyond that though that makes this memorable. Something magical that stays with you long after the credits are done. Whether you’ve ever read the classic story or not, this is for everyone.

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