The Little Stranger (R)

4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)

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    The Review

    An elite family on top of the world opens up their lives to the community in hopes of bringing everyone together. The result of that day would have far reaching implications. A young man in attendance that day would take a special interest in the hosts. Much time passed by and the once powerful family fell on hard times after an unexpected death. When things seemed darkest, an illness encroached upon them. They turned to the local physician in hopes of some answers. The physician would soon find himself at the home of those he’s giving aid to on a more frequent basis. This regularity soon would lead to a blossoming love interest. Even as those around them are reeling with the events of the day, the physician attempted to keep things light and airy. When the truth begins to unfold of his true connection to the family, things become much more sinister than they initially appeared. How is he connected? What is his ultimate goal? Will we find out? So many questions, so few answers. This story is a deep yet apathetic psychological drama. There are clues to what is happening along the way but unless you are paying close attention, it’s very easy to become lost in what exactly is happening. The twist of the story as a whole is the same way, there are details given, but it’s easy to miss them. It’s not a story for everyone but it definitely has it’s appeal to a particular audience.

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