The Longest Ride (PG-13) (2015)

Drama, Romance | 123 min
8.75 Stars (8.75 / 10)
longest ride

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  • Language: English

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Along the journey of life, we run into challenges. Here we see this very apparent in two separate time periods. Though their stories are years apart, their lives share a similarity… Sacrifice. A cowboyᅠat the top of his game faces a devastating injury and a sorority girl has her dreams within reach… Then we have a young tailor, shy in his ways and a beautiful Austrian immigrant. A tragedy will bridge the gap of time in these love stories. The memories that are shared will impact each of them in different ways. Life involves struggles that must be overcome. Through these personal hardships, they are able to find value beyond what they can see. The connections that are made are not only emotional but truly impactful on and off screen. As a typical Sparks novel, there is a harrowing dramatic love story… Unlike some of his other stories, this has a depth that is memorable. What seems like just another chick flick is in reality something for everyone. A truly refreshing adaptation of a classic idea that was transformed into a true classic… The longest ride will be a ride you’ll enjoy.ᅠ

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longest ride

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Drama, Romance