The Mandela Effect (UR) (5.75)

5.8 out of 10 stars (5.8 / 10)

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    How good is your memory? Are you certain that what you remember is correct, yet see examples around you of things being different than you remember? It might not be you. There is something called the Mandela Effect, a theory that different universes are intermingling together in our daily lives. It may sound far fetched but there are things that seem more than a bit confusing. In this particular story, a young family loses their only daughter, as the mother and father cope with the loss, they begin to see things start to change around them. While looking into the anomalies, it soon appears to be more than a memory issue. With the help of a professor, he finds out how to access the mainframe (throwback to the matrix, with a similar idea) to change the reality around them. Only it’s never that simple, by changing one thing, it has a ripple effect. He comes to realize that it’s not a universe issue and more of a coding issue. When he finally achieves the desired result, he’ll have to come to terms with everything that has changed because of his actions (throwback to butterfly effect). Is it that simple though? Could our reality simply be edited with coding? or is the universe theory more plausible? So many unanswered questions. This movie, if it does nothing else, will open up the discussion. Science fiction or reality… That’s something each of us must decide for ourselves.