The Miracle Season (PG) (2018)

Biography, Drama, Sport | 99 Min
6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)
miracle season

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A story of friendship and so much more. These young girls had grown up together, more sisters than best friends, their relationship balanced the two quite well. As they grew they developed a love of Volleyball and wanted to play their hearts out. This was their senior year and it was bound to be incredible. All of that changed after an accident would devastate not only the friendship but the entire community. Try as she may, the one left behind just felt like she couldn’t live up to the memory of Line. It wasn’t just her, it was the team, the families, and the community. Line had a way of lighting up the world around her. Now that the light had been snuffed out too soon, how could anyone move on? Those who loved her most chose to do so by living for Line, and that was enough for a while. It then became more of an entire mindset of everyone who had ever crossed her path to #LiveLikeLine. You’ll have to experience the story to understand, a beautiful and touching story that is relatable to almost everyone. The story is a bit slow at times and the camera seems focused on the wrong subject from time to time… Don’t let that discourage you from the experience. Especially if you’ve ever lost someone too soon (or if you’re a fan of Volleyball).

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